About Me

I am a researcher and software engineer with a focus on understanding and solving challenging decision making problems by using techniques from Machine Learning, Optimization, and Statistics.

I am currently working at LinkedIn, before this I got a Ph.D. in Operations Research at Georgia Tech were I studied Machine Learning, Online Convex Optimization, and Bandit Problems.


I’ve done research on Bandits, Online Convex Optimization, and Differential Privacy that has been published at ICML, NeurIPS, etc. Please see Google Scholar for a list of all my publications.


Professional Projects

Unfortunately, there is not much code I can share with you since most of the code I’ve developed belongs to my employer. During my time at LinkedIn I’ve coded a lot using Scala and Spark. Here are a few things I’ve built that made it to production:

Personal Projects

I’ve coded (Solidity and Python) two trading/liquidation bots that work on the Ethereum blockchain. Unfortunately, one of the bots was never profitable, but the other one is still running and continuously monitoring the chain to check if it can liquidate accounts that are underwater.


You can find my CV here.


Feel free to send me an email at: [first_name].riv@hotmail.com, or message me on LinkedIn.